Avoid pregnancy naturally

It is true that birth control can be somewhat annoying, especially when it comes to incorporating hormones in our body, which naturally already own. Side effects may harm us or even provide allergy. The reasons why they choose to avoid pregnancy naturally be many and all equally important for a woman.

I have to say that no natural way to prevent pregnancy remedy is fully effective. Think that sometimes ovulation cycles vary and therefore if you want to keep from getting pregnant naturally, might fail.

avoid pregnancy

We’ve talked about contraception , but if you’re also thinking about what might be these natural methods, I’ll talk about the two most popular. But remember to visit your gynecologist to orient you in this decision. Continue reading

5 strange ways to became pregnant

Conceiving a baby is not easy, especially for women who every day try to get that little miracle of life. If you are worried and think you will never be your turn, rejoice with these stories of women who became pregnant strangely . You’ll see that you lift the mood! Could it be that you too will be protagonist of a story so funny and unusual?


No. 1 #January 12th years of infertility

Can you imagine being 12 years trying to get pregnant and not able? I imagine the sadness of the protagonist of this story. Sandy and her husband ceased to be treatments to get pregnant after 12 years of trying because doctors gave up and told them they would have no chance. They moved to the country and started a new life; annually Sandy learns she is pregnant with twins and today, besides being the new mother of 2 beautiful children, is the protagonist of a strange story of pregnancy. Congratulations!

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No. 2

A couple tried to have a child for years, even tried to have sex every day religiously for over a year but did not get the desired results. After a terrible natural disaster, they were forced to move into the home of her parents and sleep in the room of adolescence. Good thing this woman never took any guy to her bedroom as a teenager, because it seemed to have magical powers that create babies, because a month to move, she became pregnant. What is it?  Continue reading

How to have a healthy pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant is very important to take care more than ever, because inside is growing and developing a new life, if we add the changes caused by pregnancy in the female body, the reasons to care duplicated. So some tips for you to discover how to have a healthy pregnancy , read it and notes.

·         Vitamin Supplements

If you go to your gynecologist while you’re trying to get pregnant, it is safest to re recommend taking vitamins and minerals that will help proper development of the fetus from the moment of conception.

healthy pregnancy

Some examples are iodine which is very important because it contributes to the formation of the fetal brain and its neural development. The folic acid which is a type of vitamin B whose function is to prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida. Another clear example of vitamin complex is iron, whose function is to prevent gestational anemia, which is very common because the baby may deplete iron from his mother. Continue reading

How to take calcium during pregnancy

The calcium is a mineral that forms the teeth and bones of our body and helps certain body functions, such as muscle contraction and heart activity. Therefore, it is the most abundant mineral in our body . I made ​​remarks that the amount present in the blood must be constant to ensure a healthy and strong skeleton.

Therefore it is necessary to take foods rich in calcium and especially in pregnant women. Here we tell you how to take calcium during pregnancy .

calcium in pregnancy


  1. During the third trimester fetal bone absorb approximately 200-250 mg of calcium daily. So if the pregnant woman does not consume foods rich in calcium.
  2. It should be well hydrated and rink plenty of bottled water . Since there are water containing up to 250 milligrams of calcium per liter of water. Just read the label on the bottle and see how rich is calcium.
  3. Should eat foods rich in calcium daily, such as calcium from milk and its derivatives such as yogurt or cheese. But you should know that cheese contains a lot of fat, so you should not abuse lot from him.
  4. Besides dairy products, you can also obtain the mineral calcium from vegetables such as spinach, cabbage or lettuce; or also legumes, nuts and seafood.
  5. You need to do physical activity , because the movement of the body stimulates the renewal of the bones and strengthens. Therefore we recommend to walk daily to have a healthy pregnancy .
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Can I wear rings bras with rods pregnant?

There seems no concrete evidence to suggest that using rods or rings bras during pregnancy is harmful to women. However, yes there is a potential risk. Many chain stores midwives and maternity clothing advise against using this type of bra during pregnancy because the stiffness of the rods, they say, may interfere with the natural changes in shape and size that occur in the breast. This can obstruct blood flow or compress the milk ducts, causing pain, discomfort and possible mastitis (an inflammation of the chest that sometimes can lead to an infection).

rings bras

The breast changes begin to occur much earlier of what awaits most women. By the sixth week of pregnancy you begin to notice that they are very sensitive and painful to the touch and have grown. It is also common to notice “lumpy” breasts in the first three months, because now is when the milk ducts begin to develop . The aura surrounding the nipple becomes more prominent and darker. Continue reading

The risks of pregnancy before age 20

The statistics point to a number of problems and medical complications that occur more frequently in mothers under 20 years. Increase the odds that have:

These risks are real and growing Younger be: are more common if you are under 16 and are less often from the 17. But that does not mean you necessarily going to affect. The truth is that they have more to do with lack of care or later begin to attend antenatal appointments, and certain harmful habits ( smoking and using hazardous substances ) that your old self.

risks of pregnancy

According to Dr. Angela Diaz , professor of pediatrics and adolescent medicine at the School of Medicine Mount Sinai in New York, if it’s been over three years since you had your first period or period, you are already well developed and risks begin to have less to do your failure to thrive, and more with your behavior. “Usually young people do not take good care not eat nutritious meals, sleep well … are young!” Recalls Dr. Díaz, who also stresses that the more time has passed in this country, less healthy are Latino youth because they tend to adopt less healthy than their country of origin habits, like eating more junk food or start smoking. Continue reading

Special care for pregnant teens

Today we want to explain about pregnant teens. Being a mother at a young age is a major challenge in every way. The younger you are, the more likely that your pregnancy requires some special attention and care. This does not mean you can not have a healthy baby and enjoy the experience of being a mom. And though you may not have planned this pregnancy (and happens to most mothers under age 20), yes you can plan a good future for you and your baby.

pregnant teens

First: Going to the doctor

No matter how old you are, the first recommendation for any mom is arrange a prenatal appointment with a doctor as soon as your period or suspect that you are pregnant is delayed. Some very young mothers wait too ?? Sometimes not knowing what to do or fear ?? and this can affect your pregnancy negatively. Even if you feel fine, it is essential to go to the doctor early in your pregnancy during the first trimester because they make many tests and exams important. Dr. Christopher Marengo, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Roanoke, Virginia, says “it is at this stage that detect most of the problems and start treating them as soon as possible”. If you do not have the support of your parents, or if They know your pregnancy, remember that the doctor has no obligation to inform. In addition, your doctor may advise you on how to communicate to your parents your pregnancy, and help you find the resources and support you need. Continue reading

How I could get pregnant?

How I could get pregnant? , you ask again and again. That does not matter. The fact is that you suspect you are pregnant, and just the thought of having to tell your parents and your boyfriend have super nervous First, take a deep breath and calm down, because nothing will despair and hope that everything is resolved as if by magic without having to do anything. Surely you have noticed that there are times in life when we have to face reality face to face and the strength to get ahead (although we often seem that there is no solution). The experts at Baby Center have helped us prepare the following tips to help you live the moment as healthy and balanced as possible. Thus, if you’re going to have a baby, you will be greeted with joy by the people around you, although at first the news of your pregnancy is a big scare.

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  1. The first thing you should do: confirm your pregnancy

What are you going to worry and get nervous not sure? If delayed like menstruation and think you have some symptoms of pregnancy , do not waste time and buy a pregnancy test at the supermarket or pharmacy to find out for sure (cost $ 10 to $ 20). You yourself can get tested at house with a sample of your urine, and the result is immediate and quite accurate. You’ll have to wait about 15 days after having unprotected sex to give you the test power. If the result is positive, there is no doubt that you are pregnant. If not, chances are you’re not; but if the days and the period fails, you may have to repeat the test or go to the doctor to make you a blood test to confirm pregnancy safer. Continue reading

Teen Pregnancy: Support Resources

First: confirms pregnancy
If you have some pregnancy symptoms such as breast tenderness, fatigue and delayed period, what you should do immediately is to buy a Teen Pregnancy test . They are sold in any drugstore or supermarket and cost from $ 10 to $ 20. The test you the make yourself at home with a urine sample, and the result is seen in a few minutes. If it is positive, there is no doubt that you are pregnant. If not, you can wait a few days and make another test (usually can detect the hormones of pregnancy about 15 days after having unprotected sex, but sometimes you have to wait a few more days). Another option is to go to a clinic where they offer free pregnancy tests.If negative and do not plan to become pregnant, will give birth options.

Teen Pregnancy
If you are pregnant, find a doctor
Although not yet know exactly what you do, there’s something you should not procrastinate no matter what you decide: find a doctor. If you’re going to have a baby is essential that you begin to get prenatal care as soon as possible. (Even if you decide to terminate the pregnancy, the sooner you talk to a doctor, the better.) Prenatal care is the care that a mother and her baby receive during pregnancy through monthly visits to a doctor, an obstetrician-gynecologist or midwife. During these visits the doctor will check your health and your baby, clarify your doubts, and advise you about your diet , the vitamins , the rest , the exercise , and behaviors and substances you should avoid because they could harm you or your baby. Even if you’re well-informed and bring a healthy lifestyle, it is essential that you receive prenatal care early in your pregnancy. According to the Department of Health and Human Services US babies whose mothers did not receive prenatal care are three times more likely to be underweight and five times more likely to die than babies whose mothers receive prenatal care. Also, if have less than 20 years, your pregnancy has certain additional risks , and these increase the younger you are. The only way to control them is receiving medical care throughout pregnancy. Continue reading

How to read the results of a pregnancy test EPT

EPT is one of the leading manufacturers of pregnancy tests . Strips EPT tests measure the amount of hCG in the urine of women. This hormone occurs during pregnancy. If you’ve skipped a period and want to use a EPT pregnancy test, you should know how to read the results.


Plans to make the first day of the EPT test after your fault. Although you can make up to five days before the date of your period, hCG levels may be too low at this point as to detect a pregnancy. The pregnancy tests detect EPT least 40mlU / ml of hCG.

pregnancy test EPT

Make EPT pregnancy test. Probably your first morning urine will give the most accurate results. You can urinate directly on the absorbent end of the test strip for five seconds or in a clean container and dip the tip of the strip in the urine for 20 seconds. Place the lid on the absorbent tip. EPT both digital standard tests as in the urine sample is collected in the same way. Continue reading