How to Prevent Postpartum Depression

A common concern for pregnant women is postpartum depression. There are several ways to prevent it you can put in place to prevent it to happen. There are three ways to prevent depression after childbirth : early detection of the disorder, treat it quickly and avoid its consequences. Here are some tips:

• Do not try to be a superwoman. Having a child requires a full-time, so it would be desirable to have few commitments and will try to have time for him. It is important you have available one or more trusted persons who can leave the child if necessary. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

• Rest whenever you can. Learn to take naps when someone can meet the baby or is resting.

• Eat properly. Vegetables, fresh fruit, milk, cereals and oily fish should not miss in your diet.

• Find time to acquaint yourself with your partner . Before recovering sexual desire, you must take care of the physical approach.

• Distract yourself. seeks to find opportunities to go shopping, see a movie at the cinema, going to dinner with your partner or walk with your child.


• Interact with other couples who are also expecting a child. So you can share experiences and concerns.

• If you needed, you can attend sessions after delivery and support groups for breastfeeding . You will find support and understanding.

• Try not to make changes in your life such as a move. The arrival of the child and will be a radical change, so it is best to avoid too many things come together.

If you’ve suffered postpartum depression, does not mean you have another with the next pregnancy . Yet in this case it is important that you contact your doctor to monitor the possible occurrence of any sign that apparent.

Employment rights of pregnant

Following the recent decision of the Constitutional Court, dated October 10, 2013, which dictates that the protection of pregnant workers against dismissal can not extend the probationary period, except when fundamental rights are violated, there has been some uncertainty on the employment status of the same. Led by ABA Lawyers, and based on their experience, we explain some basic points to keep in mind by all those working women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant soon.


The company may dismiss a worker in all cases, whether they are pregnant, enjoying breastfeeding leave, reduced hours or leave to care for a child. The difference between dismissing a blurry worker during the first nine months after the birth of the child or while enjoying a reduction in working hours, and another that is not in any of these situations is that in the first case, if the dismissal was unjustified, would be zero. In this case, the company would be required to reinstate the worker to his job, once the court recognize the illegality of dismissal without possibility (unless otherwise agreed), replacing the returns under the payment of compensation. In all other cases, the dismissal would be inappropriate, so the company should pay the compensation.

There is no obligation to notify the company that the employee is pregnant. Thus, in the case of unjustified dismissal, it would be zero, regardless of whether or not the company know their status, so that the worker is entitled to reinstatement in their jobs. Continue reading

Feeding pregnant in summer

To lead a healthy and appetizing food in the summer when you’re pregnant, it is important to follow a proper diet, that is complete and balanced, plus fresh and tasty, but do not follow the same schedule as usual. Can eating fewer food , but you’ll pay more attention to the choice thereof, and their preparation, to ensure all the substances that you and your child need being formed.

Eat a good breakfast. If the appetite is not much during the midday hours, due to the intense heat, you may distribute the meals differently. So breakfast time, when the temperature is cooler is ideal for storing energy and nutrients. Make sure that your breakfast contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, low in fat and carbohydrates abundant.


Prepare light and appetizing meals. The midday meal should be made up of fresh and light food, fast food. In this case, the vegetables should be placed in a prominent place, since they do not contain fat, provide very few calories and provide fiber, and contain plenty of vitamins and minerals. Start with a good salad!

Have you tried a good cold dish? For the main course of a light meal, you can use pasta salads and rice combined with foods containing protein (such as eggs, fish, ham or cheese) and others who provide sales, fiber and vitamins ( vegetables). Have you tried the yogurt sauce? Goes well with salads and does not provide too many calories! Continue reading

The pain of childbirth

How much hurt to give birth? What kind of pain is it? Is it unbearable? What does it depend? We resolve all doubts about childbirth. The physiological pain of childbirth varies from woman to woman and birth in childbirth, but the pain of childbirth is on average more intense as indicated in our time and in our latitudes, perhaps because the medicalization of childbirth does not facilitate the understanding of its mechanisms.

When you are about to reach the time of delivery, never missing last minute doubts: Forgot all indications that you have provided? Do not worry, because it happens to all! Let’s try to approach this time, as well as answer questions from childbirth preparation, through a mini-guide, which should always have on hand.


Labor pain

Perception of labor pain is very subjective and, not surprisingly, each woman differently describes the suffering experienced when giving birth to her son.

• What makes the pain of childbirth for other types of pain? First, its rhythm, since it is characterized by continuous contractions and expansions, malaise and wellness, accelerations and slowdowns. This rhythm serves to foster the gradual adaptation of the mom and the child to the work of labor and, therefore, to the intensification of pain.

• The pain peaks alternate with pauses absence of suffering and the body of the mother produces endorphins and enkephalins, substances that inhibit pain and let stand more strength and courage. Continue reading

Help your partner during pregnancy

With the arrival of the baby, as the expectant parents so nervous and excited, and I certainly would be interested in a way to help. Here are some ideas of what you can do to help.

1. Accompany you to doctor visits. That concerns with your doctor may be present in the solution and the progress of pregnancy: ultrasound to see the baby, hear the heartbeat, etc.

2. To help you plan for the baby’s arrival. Everything you need to buy baby and planning to go and when to shop, also, etc., colors decorate: crib, stroller, clothes, etc. We can prepare together a small room.

3. Accompany childbirth preparation classes. ‘As will learn to work together during the whole process, if possible, with your partner to childbirth preparation classes acudas, that’s important.


4. To help you stay healthy during pregnancy. Healthy diet habits on your partner, it will be easier to follow. During pregnancy you need to eat less of some foods and more of others. You can read about it and together with your partner in your diet can reduce the food and the people who are not advisable. You can also practice the exercises together: walking, swimming, yoga, etc.

5. To help you relax during pregnancy is important to be relaxed; It is better for you and the baby. Your partner can help to strengthen their work at home: I am here, it is not that all you need to do, etc., to dinner, shopping, cleaning, but it can increase the work’s done.

If you want a baby, or you have a peaceful relationship and a work life that lets you have become pregnant, because it does not exclude this possibility. In this case, the most important thing to take care of your child as you take care of yourself, and I was already pregnant, if you work to ensure,, prejudice. Knowledge at your own pace and on your bike, you want to plan a pregnancy, in fact, the only thing to consider: With the adequate physical and mental preparation will come closer to the event.

Water activities for pregnant

Swimming and water sports in general is a type of exercise that is very beneficial for pregnant women. Discover all the advantages. As pregnancy progresses, the mother of fatigue becoming less willing to move, takes its toll. After this incident, swimming and water exercises are very beneficial for pregnant women. Benefits of water exercises are pregnant.

- All of the muscles, especially the abdominals, buttocks and genitals and holding a child in her neighborhood, the tone, and also helps the mother to relax. Water facilitates body movement, out of which, as one of the sixth weighs.

- In a liquid medium, avoiding rigidity and retrieve the correct positions before pregnancy, relax, and elastic joints are easy to maintain and operate.

- Water, causes vasodilation, and women too hot to feel dizzy and weak, then the water temperature to 35 C ° 30.

- The water is too cold, then you must be tough, elastic face, on-time delivery, the muscles, especially the vagina and its surroundings, to run the risk.


- We must pay attention to the water level: in this way, the mother of the water is able to perform moderate arm movement without resistance, because, well, not beyond the waist. Pregnancy is progressing well, then you can even have an hour in the water. Continue reading

Sex positions during pregnancy

Without hindrance to enjoy sex without the loss of a baby belly to show the best sexual position. When we have sex during pregnancy can harm a baby? She is expecting a child of the couple who have sex in one of the most frequently asked questions. Pregnancy in the reverse e-time, without the danger of it harming the baby, you get to fully enjoy sex that is important to choose the right sex positions. In this article, we will allow you to enjoy sex during pregnancy that explains some of the best sex positions.

The missionary position

During the first few months, you can practice without difficulty. People are smart enough not to drop the weight of the stomach, if you can squeeze in a sense, from the fifth month, it can be annoying. In this case, it is advisable to explore other locations that are not suspended and stomach area “affected”. An example? Keep the pelvis from the edge of the bed. Meanwhile, a little upright and bust your partner standing or kneeling, will hold you by the legs.


The spoons position

Woman with legs straight or slightly bent at an angle lies on its side, and the couple gets behind it. Download the full weight of the abdomen laterally, because it is very suitable in pregnancy. Moreover, women in other erogenous zones such as neck and ears, can stimulate. It (the penis can easily find) is a difficult position to maintain for a long time. How to avoid the problem?

Doggy style

She is crawling on the bed, legs apart, and is the man behind the knee. Women are starting to annoy his partner weight and wants to protect the movements of the stomach are very energetic when it is ideal. It is the more enjoyable of the vagina and on the cushion, the better support for the knee walls stimulates the position of point G.

Perineal massage: The advice of the midwife

It reduces the risk of trauma to the area at the time of delivery, perineum is a type of massage helps to increase flexibility. As a midwife, I will get when they do, they go to the hospital to give birth to my office that teach women attending maternal education courses should be interpreted. During the lockout, a typical baby’s head to facilitate the departure, perineum (located between the vagina and anus of anatomical parts) brings the most to grow. At that time, tears or cuts, such as they may be in the area of trauma. Regular practice of perineal massage from 32 weeks gestation to reduce the risk of injuries and instrumental delivery. Let’s see what is the benefits of Perineal massage.

How to do it step by step

• The first thing is to wash your hands and not in a comfortable room. You become familiar with the look and the perineum can use a mirror. I recommend making art after a hot shower. Semi-sitting or squatting posture is correct, but what matters is that you find comfortable.

• Using the thumb and self-massage; It takes your partner, you better use your fingers and heart rate. With natural oil or a water-based lubricant to lubricate your fingers; Fragrance oils, whether for children, or do not use petroleum.

• With legs apart, insert your fingers into the vagina about 3-4 cm. Until you feel a slight burning or stinging in the area stretching, firmly but gently into the rectum and the vagina, perineum push downward toward the party will be. Keep the pressure for two minutes or until disturbed. Here, take your thumb and contrary to this area, and will run for 3-4 minutes in a reciprocating motion. During the massage, avoid urinary tract infections, (above the vagina) to push the opening of the urethra is.

Maternity Fashion Tips

No matter your pregnant belly is big, high, low or small. Why leave your own style because you are pregnant? To accommodate the growing baby bump in the colder months of the year, the latest trends in maternity fashion for fall and winter. Currently being pregnant is not an excuse not to be fashionable nowadays trends can be used both in normal women, for women with tummy. If you have any questions, feel free to read this post.

Why leave your own style because you are pregnant? Just very little to find their own look with a few extra pounds, or reinvent for a real one, with heads comfortable and practical for everyday, but also for more elegant occasions we reserve the festive season. In Europe or America maternity fashion is a common task.

They are in fact more and more the “Fashion Mom” or expectant mothers who do not give to feel fashionable even during the nine months of pregnancy and who wish to feel trendy on any occasion, with different looks to pass quickly from an informal to a more chic, wearing clothes with irony that until recently were considered out for pregnant women.


To accommodate the growing baby bump in the colder months of the year, the new trends of fashion maternity clothes suggest passe-par tout, that you can combine with each other, but above all that they can be used in various occasions, from the office to walk with her ​​friends. The colors are shades of the forest, easily mixable shades ranging from green to burgundy, not to mention the purple and beige, to the classic blue, gray and black. Finally, without forgetting the choice of underwear: better wear patterns that contain and support the breasts, always (sometimes immediately) abundant during the wait, but without giving up in lace and a touch of femininity.

Together in the delivery room

Most men want to be present at the birth of their son. Your husband (or partner) will be present? We have already talked about? Find out what kind of couple you are.

The pair convinced: childbirth together

We know that delivery room means an area in a hospital equipped for delivering babies. Whether the agenda of him in hers the days of preparation for childbirth are carefully marked. Whenever he can, he takes her to control visits to the gynecologist. Do not even consider the idea of not living in the moment of childbirth together. It is unimaginable for him to arrive when the baby is already born.


The advice: no one wants to insinuate doubt in anticipation. However, even the most convinced couples should reflect on the participation in the delivery room. In fact, even the best preparation for childbirth is only a part of this circumstance so out of the ordinary. It is not enough to have tried several times in his head this situation.

In practice, everything is different and sometimes you feel different sensations from those expected. I’m really ready for childbirth men who absolutely want to participate when they show a little humility before this event.

Childbirth is not planned, and just happens, it causes pain and help does not mean liberate women from those pains. Provide support means so much more, it means pushing towards the boundaries together. It is therefore advisable that the partner before the birth internalize the fact that no one can take away the pain to his wife during labor.