Weight gain during pregnancy

During pregnancy, every woman faces inevitable changes in your body. Among the most obvious is weight gain caused not only by the presence of the growing fetus but also for water retention increase in circulating blood volume, increased fat increased muscle mass of the uterus, etc. The weight of the mother before pregnancy body mass index (BMI) the pattern of weight gain and total weight gain during the 9 months of pregnancy are factors that interfere directly in the weight length and reserves fat of the newborn.


Weight and fat stores are important because they can have a big impact on the baby’s health short and long-term risks influencing the child to develop health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. The gestational weight gain also has effects on the mother, since women who gain excessive weight during pregnancy have a higher risk of becoming obese or overweight aggravate already existing. In this article, we will explain what is considered an increase desired and healthy weight during pregnancy. We will also clarify about the risks of excessive and inappropriate increase in weight. Continue reading

Tiredness and sleepy during pregnancy

One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is an intense and apparently unexplained fatigue, which often is accompanied by excessive sleep. Pregnant women in early pregnancy tires for everything and nothing and the bed always seems to be the place where you feel better. Even women who have historically always slept little or they were full of energy capable of accumulating multiple tasks and sports professionals end collapsed from exhaustion and sleep in pregnancy. Sometimes even an entire chapter of a soap opera gets to see without falling asleep.


For some women the word fatigue may sound like an understatement because what you really feel is much more than fatigue is a feeling of exhaustion. With the end of the first quarter the symptoms tend to disappear and the expectant mother feels good again. However, fatigue again in the third trimester when the baby is very large and the pregnant woman in addition to the big belly is with at least 10 to 12 kilos above his usual weight. In this article we will do a review on fatigue and sleep affecting pregnant women in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. Continue reading


Pregnancy calculator figuring week of pregnancy

At the end of this article, we have a pregnancy calculator so you can calculate the time of pregnancy, when it will be the probable date of birth and estimate what was the day when conception occurred. But before we will explain all about the ways to calculate gestational age. It is common knowledge that a pregnancy lasts an average of 9 months. However, as soon as the pregnant woman goes attend prenatal visits she learns that her obstetrician does not count the time of pregnancy in months but in weeks. For those who are not accustomed to this way of counting gestational age everything seems more complicated. Would not it be easier if the doctor say that she is in the fourth month of pregnancy?


In fact, doctors do not have time agreed pregnancy weeks only to confuse the head of pregnant future. There is logic behind this decision. Changes in the body of the woman and fetus are many and occur relatively rapidly, especially in the first half of pregnancy. In one month, take place dozens of major changes, and counting in weeks allows us to define more precisely the time of each. For example, (fertilized egg) is implanted in the uterus wall during the 3rd week, the heart is formed on the 4th, the embryo becomes visible in the ultrasound on the 5th, the eyes appear on the 6th and the future baby starts moving in the 7th week (the mother does not notice because it is too small). If we gestation in months, we would not be as accurate instantly assess the time of such changes. Continue reading


When to make a pregnancy test

All pregnancy tests beta hCG hormone used to diagnose an ongoing pregnancy. This makes sense, because this hormone begins to be produced by cells of the embryo in the first days after conception. In general, it is recommended to do the test only after the delay period, as it is at this time about the levels of beta hCG are high enough to be detected by pregnancy tests. The delay period itself has nothing to do with the levels of beta hCG. It is only a coincidence that, in most women, beta hCG levels are high enough to be detected around the end of the menstrual cycle, ie, at the time that menstruation should lower. We will explain in more detail.


Ovulation usually occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle. This means that most women ovulate about 14 days before the end of the cycle. As the life of the egg is only 24 hours, it needs to be fertilized in this short period; otherwise, pregnancy does not occur. That being so, when a woman is pregnant the egg is fertilized about 14 days before the date set down for the next period. Continue reading

Why a Successful Pregnancy Depends on the Choice of Pillow

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial periods in the life of any woman or man. It marks the passing on of life from one generation to the next. The expectant mother often goes through strange experiences during pregnancy. Some experiences leave her feeling shattered, while others fill her with unbridled joy. One thing that can give the expectant mother strength to carry her baby to full term and persevere through all the weird experiences is a body pillow. The pillow has numerous advantages as shown below.

It supports the belly

First, the pillow is a wonderful tool for supporting the belly. Some women prefer wearing a pregnancy belly band for support. There’s nothing wrong with this option. The band is effective at supporting the lower back as well as the abdomen for the duration of the pregnancy. They are just as useful as the pillows in providing the required level of support. Walking around with a protruding belly can be quite uncomfortable. The pillow takes the discomfort away, thus making the additional weight bearable.


It protects against allergies

During pregnancy, the woman can struggle with all sorts of allergies. Some of the most common types of allergies include wheezing, sneezing, sniffling and coughing. The allergies arise due to exposure to cat dander, dust, pollen and fungus to mention a few. Thankfully, the body pillows are capable of preventing the allergies in the first place. This is because of the hypoallergenic polyfills with which the pillows are made. The polyfills are not only for preventing allergies, but also protecting the pregnant woman from breathing problems and skin diseases.

It stimulates relaxed sleep

The pillows are also highly effective at stimulating relaxed sleep. They do this because of the maximum support they are designed to provide. The fact that the pillows come in different sizes ensures that every woman has one that’s perfect for her needs. A pregnant woman needs as much sleep as possible to give her body the much-needed rest and relaxation. Furthermore, there are different types of pillows designed for various parts of the body. The woman is free to choose one for a particular part of her body to guarantee proper and quality sleep. Continue reading

Importance Of Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is the health care a pregnant woman receives before giving birth. To improve the chances of having a healthy baby once you confirm that you are pregnant schedule an appointment with a doctor.

From the first appointment, your doctor will examine you and ask you to take several tests and will schedule for several prenatal checkups before you give birth. Don’t miss a single checkup as they help the doctor know how you and the baby are fairing.

Antenatal care monitors the development of your child and your health. Pregnant women who fail to go for clinics are three times more likely to have low birth weight and are more susceptible to death when giving birth.

During scheduled doctor visits, your physician will be able to spot and help you get rid of any health problems early in the pregnancy. Early treatment is a necessary step to curing and preventing a variety of diseases.

Moreover, your health practitioner will take you through the list of things to do and not to do to ensure your baby comes out healthy and guaranteed of a good life.

Taking Care While Pregnant

Before you conceive, you should start taking care of your physical and mental state. Preconception health is important because it helps you will learn about risk factors and health conditions that are likely to cause you and your unborn child harm.

You will learn about the foods, medicines and habits that you should avoid and the foods and drinks you should start having to carry and deliver a healthy baby.

Most doctors advise women to start preparing their bodies three months before they become pregnant. Some of the aspects to take care of before conceiving include:

Start taking folic acid supplements daily for 90 days before conceiving. Folic acid lowers the rate of spine and brain birth defects. Use the supplements next to folic acid rich foods so that you get higher levels from both supplements and natural sources. Continue reading

What To Eat When Pregnant

A healthy diet is paramount to one’s health from conception till they day you die. When you are pregnant, taking care of what you eat to help your baby develop and grow well is utmost important.

When pregnant, there’s no need to go for on a particular diet. However, it’s important that you and your baby get the vital vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from the foods that you consume.

When you learn that you’re pregnant, visit your doctor to know the right supplements you should take. Eating a healthy breakfast every day is important as it eliminates the need to snack throughout the day on foods high in fats and sugars.

Healthy eating means that you should change your food consumption and include healthier meals in your diet. Come up with a healthy eating meal plan that will include meals from all food groups.

To avoid suffering from gestational diabetes, talk to your doctor and create a personalized meal plan.

Fruits and Veggies During Pregnancy

Doctors advise pregnant women to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. These are foods that provide women with plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are fantastic for digestion and lowering constipation.

Physicians advise pregnant women to consume five portions of different fruits and vegetables each day. Fresh fruits and veggies should be washed thoroughly before consumption. Continue reading

The Pregnancy To-Do-List

Once you discover that you’re pregnant and get over the happy shock face, it’s important that you create a pregnancy to-do-list. A list that will help you do everything you need to do before you are heavy with child and finally delivering.

Below we discuss a few but critical points to include in your to-do-list:

Keep The News To Yourself

You can share the glorious news with your immediate family, however, retain the news between a few people before announcing to the world. It’s difficult to keep the news a secret but try and keep things cool until you’re past the first trimester.

One of the saddest things to share with the world after sharing the good news is that you had a miscarriage.

The first twelve weeks of pregnancy are vulnerable, and chances of a miscarriage are high. Check your to-do-list for a baby announcement as from the 13th week.

Journal Your Pregnancy

Buy a pregnancy journal or log online and create an account on a pregnancy website and start a journal. The journals will ask daily/weekly and monthly questions and will give you ample space to share how you’re feeling, the things you crave and register any changes.

Moreover, a journal well kept will be helpful the next time you get pregnant, and you can compare notes of how different pregnancies treated you.

A journal will also help your doctor keep track of your health and that of the unborn child when you get to the hospital and unable to communicate. Continue reading

How To Get Twins

Do you think of getting twin babies? As many couples confess, there’s nothing as enjoyable as having twins, especially during the first pregnancy. However, not everybody knows that other than luck, there are ways they can use to conceive twins.

For a majority of folks having children in their life completes the family as children give you hope for the future and ignites the fire in you to work harder and provide them with a real life. For the people interested in having twins, below we share valued advice on how to go about it:

Family Tree

The family history of twins whether identical or fraternal is a huge plus for people looking to have twins. However, having twins based on family history is quite rare as chances are 2-3 percent.

Research has shown that older women who decide to have a child have higher chances of conceiving twins. Just before a lady enters the perimenopause stage, her ovaries begin releasing more eggs monthly as an estrogen spike influences the fertility.

Extensive fertility research shows that women that are 35 years and older are more likely to conceive twins; however, they give birth to fraternal twins. Continue reading

Bleeding during pregnancy

Bleeding during pregnancy

Menstruation and pregnancy are two completely incompatible with each other event. Who is pregnant does not menstruate, and who is menstruating cannot be pregnant. However, it is important to clarify by stating that pregnant women may not menstruate is not the same as saying that pregnant women may not have frequent episodes of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. The point is that these bleeding can have many causes but of course, that menstruation never is one of them.

Bleeding during pregnancy

If you have any suspicion that the above statement is not correct and not just think that a pregnant woman can menstruate, but is also able to cite individual cases where this situation occurred, I suggest you read this text carefully as he will take your questions. So you can understand the reason for the total incompatibility between pregnancy and menstruation, we must first explain what menstruation is and how it happens. Continue reading