How to be beautiful during pregnancy

Although the discomfort of the first moments can make us feel otherwise, without doubt, pregnancy is an ideal place to get the best out of ourselves now, and we can not give up to feel beautiful during pregnancy.

How to be beautiful during pregnancy

Sometimes we find that our partner feels especially attracted to us is that there are some men who see pregnant women with a special glow, radiant and sexy. Continue reading

Technology in pregnancy

The technology in pregnancy is something that surprises us every day. If before we made ​​do with a simple picture through which we could elucidate some features of the baby before birth, today the story is quite different and advancing day by day.

Technology in pregnancy

Ultrasound or ultrasound allow us to see the baby before birth, a technological advance that there was a few decades ago and that is a major achievement in prenatal care. Continue reading

diagnostic tests in the first quarter

Tests for diagnosis in the first trimester are the set of tests designed to detect certain diseases or genetic disorders that can be performed during the first stage of the gestation period.

Tests for diagnosis in the first trimester

Among them, chronic villas sampling (CVS acronym) and amniocentesis are the only ones that can be made ​​during the first quarter. The prescription of these aspects is taken into account such as age or medical history, among others. Continue reading

Appearance of newborns

The moment you can see, touch or inspect for the first time your newborn will depend on the type of delivery you have, their condition and the condition of the baby. If you have an uncomplicated vaginal delivery should allow the baby to catch a few minutes of giving birth.

Appearance of newborns

In most cases, babies seem to be in a state of quiet alertness during approximately the first hour or so after delivery. That’s a perfect time for you and your newborn to get familiar with each autumn and begin the process of formation of the bond . But do not despair if circumstances prevent you from meeting, see or take the baby immediately after birth. Continue reading

Techniques to form the bond with baby

The formation of the bond, probably one of the most pleasurable aspects of infant care, occurs during the sensitive period for the first hour and the first days after birth, during which parents establish a deep connection with the child. Physical contact between parent and baby favors that emotional connection.

Techniques to form the bond with baby

In infants, attachment promotes emotional development and this, in turn, has an impact on development in other areas such as physical growth. Another way to think of bonding is a kind of “love” of the parents to the baby. Children who have a parent or other adult who wants unconditionally are likely to fully develop. Continue reading

Entering the first baby food

From six months our baby starts to be prepared to eat your food first . If until now has been feeding breast milk or other milk, is this the time to start introducing other foods.

best food processor for baby food

This is the moment is that the small beginning to require more energy and nutrients and their digestive functions and begin to be more mature, so we introduce first foods progressively. Continue reading

Respond to children’s questions adequately

From the three years our son becomes an explorer all around him, and the best way he can show his curiosity is through endless hows and whys to which we must respond appropriately to their learning process.

Respond to children's questions adequately

Respond to children’s questions correctly in this stage of life is very important, especially when we are to them as a guide to good and bad, what is right and what is wrong. But exercise this work is not always easy Tan and need to draw on all our resources. Continue reading

Consequences of emotional deprivation in babies

If something needs a baby of their parents and, in general, their environment is caring and emotionally enough to develop as a happy child without emotional problems affect.

 emotional deprivation in babies

But far from affecting only to emotional or psychological, it has been shown that lack of affection towards the child may be due to the development of certain diseases and disorders. Continue reading

Keys to understanding the crying baby

When we got the world first thing we do is mourn , and the demonstration is for mothers crying the first sign that your child probably will not forget in a lifetime. But what if the months and the baby is still crying.

baby crying

The baby has no other way to express themselves and to make their needs by crying , so it is important to understand the crying baby to meet the specific needs that cause. Continue reading

What are the signs of labor

When a woman learns she is pregnant quickly begins to take account of the expected date of delivery. Then the doctor will itself that a probable date, but we can not forget that this date is an estimate .

the signs of labor

But although we can not know for sure the exact moment that the baby will be born , if possible intuit as ante par tum women experience some signs that announce the speedy arrival of the baby. Continue reading