Perineal massage: The advice of the midwife

It reduces the risk of trauma to the area at the time of delivery, perineum is a type of massage helps to increase flexibility. As a midwife, I will get when they do, they go to the hospital to give birth to my office that teach women attending maternal education courses should be interpreted. During the lockout, a typical baby’s head to facilitate the departure, perineum (located between the vagina and anus of anatomical parts) brings the most to grow. At that time, tears or cuts, such as they may be in the area of trauma. Regular practice of perineal massage from 32 weeks gestation to reduce the risk of injuries and instrumental delivery. Let’s see what is the benefits of Perineal massage.

How to do it step by step

• The first thing is to wash your hands and not in a comfortable room. You become familiar with the look and the perineum can use a mirror. I recommend making art after a hot shower. Semi-sitting or squatting posture is correct, but what matters is that you find comfortable.

• Using the thumb and self-massage; It takes your partner, you better use your fingers and heart rate. With natural oil or a water-based lubricant to lubricate your fingers; Fragrance oils, whether for children, or do not use petroleum.

• With legs apart, insert your fingers into the vagina about 3-4 cm. Until you feel a slight burning or stinging in the area stretching, firmly but gently into the rectum and the vagina, perineum push downward toward the party will be. Keep the pressure for two minutes or until disturbed. Here, take your thumb and contrary to this area, and will run for 3-4 minutes in a reciprocating motion. During the massage, avoid urinary tract infections, (above the vagina) to push the opening of the urethra is.

Maternity Fashion Tips

No matter your pregnant belly is big, high, low or small. Why leave your own style because you are pregnant? To accommodate the growing baby bump in the colder months of the year, the latest trends in maternity fashion for fall and winter. Currently being pregnant is not an excuse not to be fashionable nowadays trends can be used both in normal women, for women with tummy. If you have any questions, feel free to read this post.

Why leave your own style because you are pregnant? Just very little to find their own look with a few extra pounds, or reinvent for a real one, with heads comfortable and practical for everyday, but also for more elegant occasions we reserve the festive season. In Europe or America maternity fashion is a common task.

They are in fact more and more the “Fashion Mom” or expectant mothers who do not give to feel fashionable even during the nine months of pregnancy and who wish to feel trendy on any occasion, with different looks to pass quickly from an informal to a more chic, wearing clothes with irony that until recently were considered out for pregnant women.


To accommodate the growing baby bump in the colder months of the year, the new trends of fashion maternity clothes suggest passe-par tout, that you can combine with each other, but above all that they can be used in various occasions, from the office to walk with her ​​friends. The colors are shades of the forest, easily mixable shades ranging from green to burgundy, not to mention the purple and beige, to the classic blue, gray and black. Finally, without forgetting the choice of underwear: better wear patterns that contain and support the breasts, always (sometimes immediately) abundant during the wait, but without giving up in lace and a touch of femininity.

Together in the delivery room

Most men want to be present at the birth of their son. Your husband (or partner) will be present? We have already talked about? Find out what kind of couple you are.

The pair convinced: childbirth together

We know that delivery room means an area in a hospital equipped for delivering babies. Whether the agenda of him in hers the days of preparation for childbirth are carefully marked. Whenever he can, he takes her to control visits to the gynecologist. Do not even consider the idea of not living in the moment of childbirth together. It is unimaginable for him to arrive when the baby is already born.


The advice: no one wants to insinuate doubt in anticipation. However, even the most convinced couples should reflect on the participation in the delivery room. In fact, even the best preparation for childbirth is only a part of this circumstance so out of the ordinary. It is not enough to have tried several times in his head this situation.

In practice, everything is different and sometimes you feel different sensations from those expected. I’m really ready for childbirth men who absolutely want to participate when they show a little humility before this event.

Childbirth is not planned, and just happens, it causes pain and help does not mean liberate women from those pains. Provide support means so much more, it means pushing towards the boundaries together. It is therefore advisable that the partner before the birth internalize the fact that no one can take away the pain to his wife during labor.

Backache during pregnancy

Suffers more than half of women in the course of the nine months, especially between the 5th and the 7th month of gestation. In some cases, the annoyance is such as to prevent the normal course of business, at best, however, back pain is felt especially at night, disturbing the sleep of the expectant mother.

How does it manifest back pain?

In a smaller percentage of cases, back pain is localized exclusively in the seat back. Other times affects the lumbar region, with or without radiation to one or both lower limbs.

In other cases the pain is prevalent in the area of ​​the sacroiliac joints (pelvis), but sometimes radiating to the thigh or leg. “This is unfortunately the largest group and the one that accuses the most bothersome symptoms,” notes Euthanasia, “which often lead to less autonomy to ambulation, greater difficulty in climbing stairs and in tilt the trunk.”

pregnant woman having backache

Why is back pain?

Undoubtedly there is a mechanical factor” replied the physiatrist, the antigravity muscles of the back are in fact called to a super job due to inefficiency of the abdominal muscles and the increase in volume of the uterus. Added to this is the hormonal factor: during the nine months significantly increase the levels of relaxing, a hormone that allows the necessary relaxation of tissues and joints (especially at the level of the pelvis) at the time of delivery. It is hypothesized that this hormone, weakening the structures, can make the back more vulnerable to the increased load. Continue reading

Duo test best of three test

Screening tests are tests that estimate the risk of a woman having a fetus with Down syndrome and trisomy 18. They are not as invasive amniocentesis, but do not give 100% certainty.

The screening tests, which one to choose

The screening tests are non-invasive tests (so do not put at risk the pregnancy) that estimate the risk of a woman having a fetus with Down syndrome and trisomy 18. Today, the philosophy of the dominant thought is to recommend screening tests for women of childbearing is not at risk, with less than 35 years. In fact, several gynecologists agree, they can opt for screening tests even women over 35, not favorable to invasive diagnostic tests.


The nuchal translucency

What currency: this measures the nuchal translucency ultrasound examination, or a thickening retrorocket (fluid collection) physiological. It is seen that the more the thickening increases, the greater the risk of Down syndrome and other fetal anomalies. What can you say, estimate the risk of the fetus being affected by chromosomal abnormalities, especially trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) or isometric 18 (Edwards syndrome).

How to read the result: this test does not give certainty, it provides an estimate of the probability that the fetus might be affected by chromosomal abnormalities. Based on the result, it will be up to the couple to decide whether or not a diagnostic test. Continue reading


Currently you prefer to speak of “female infertility” because “sterility” is a term which came so many years in use, but in some ways it is also a phrase inaccurate because it wants to mean the total infertility, which in its full presentation, in fact, it is a rather rare phenomenon. So we can say that the total sterility in women is an uncommon clinical condition and occurs only in certain cases, so usually we find ourselves faced with a reduced fertility with minimal, but present chance of conceiving naturally.

As we mentioned in a previous note regarding infertility, the main causes of this condition in women are represented by ovulation disorders, anatomical abnormalities from the fallopian interesting and sometimes endomorphisms.


The adulatory function disorders are the most frequent causes of such a situation, since without the expulsion of the egg from the ovarian follicle mature fertilization can not occur and, consequently, even pregnancy. The alterations that affect ovulation can be characterized by an ovulation (from the complete absence of the egg) or an ovulation which is present in a non-regular or, however, that occurs with low frequency. The physician should be aware that generally gonorrhea (complete absence of menstruation) and also the infrequent periods are a sign of ovulation disorders, knowing that even women with regular menstruation may sometimes be equally adulatory disorders and not ignoring, Furthermore, the existence of gonorrhea of ​​psychogenic origin which do not interfere with ovulation. Continue reading

How to prevent spots on the skin in pregnancy

Use a good sunscreen, stay in the shade as much as possible, do not use scrubs, these are some of the recommendations of the American academy of dermatology doctors to avoid the appearance of dark spots during pregnancy.

In pregnancy it can happen that are strange dark spots on the skin. It is usually placed above the lips, forehead, cheeks and nose and they form the so-called “pregnancy mask”. The medical term for the phenomenon is coachload or melanoma gravid arum and emerges mainly in summer because of the sun’s rays. Unfortunately once appeared is very difficult to remove and you can only reduce or disguise.


1) The first rule is to always apply a sunscreen with a high protection, even when the day is cloudy and after the bath. Among the substances that are considered by experts to better shield the skin there are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, spreads 15 minutes before sun exposure.

2) Always wear a wide-brimmed hat and stay in the shade as much as possible, even if you use sunscreen.

3) Do not use cosmetic creams and exfoliating scrubs. Avoid creams that in general, application, pinching or burning damage because they irritate the skin and worsen the condition of the stains.

4) Also, do not shave the area covered by spots. The removal accentuates melanoma, so it’s good to try to save the areas at risk from waxing and whatever else they conclude dermatologists who have also posted an explanatory video on youtube.

Vaccines falling for disinformation campaigns

The alarm of the Italian Society of Hygiene: in some areas up to 25% for measles and rubella campaigns of misinformation. Health Minister: “It ‘s easy to think: I vaccine to my child I do not, I will do my neighbor.” But it is only with an almost complete coverage that have been eradicated some diseases

In recent years “due to the campaigns of counter vaccination, we are seeing a decline scary cover, with peaks of 25% less for measles and rubella,” said President Michele Sites. If, in fact, in recent years in Italy there was, on average, a loss of one percentage point per annul, “the declines are most pronounced in places where these associations are more active and close to the convention,” specifies Antonio, responsible Vaccination Campaign ‘of the Sites.


The first can cause complications that may lead to death, the second, if the contagion concerns pregnant women may result in fetal malformations. In order to be effective immunization coverage should cover 95% of children. However, the reality is quite different and, like many other aspects of health care, it differs greatly from region to region. “In general tells Iron is greater in the North where, in regions such as Veto, Lombardy, Emilia Armagnac and Tuscany, reaches 90-92% coverage. Whilst the South falls well below. Particularly in Campanile us all 80% of the total. ” Continue reading


Protect yourself from rubella is not easy. To do this, a pregnant woman is not immune should avoid as much as possible contact with young children and the very crowded indoors. Too, in this way, however, he would be sure not to get infected. One point of great concern for all women who decide to become mothers, or already have them, it is surely that of rubella in pregnancy. A disease which in itself is not particularly serious, but it may instead become severe to the fetus when contracted during pregnancy.


Among the many letters we write to indicate topics of interest to our audience of readers, those who ask to explore the theme of rubella in pregnancy are many, and deeply felt. For this reason, as we always do, we turned to an expert at the university level, in this case we asked the Professor, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology, University of Bologna and member of the Executive of the Association of Italian Clinical Microbiologists (AMCLI) and we have asked the most important questions with regard to the problem of rubella in pregnancy.

Rubella is a viral disease self-limiting, typical of childhood, characterized mostly by rash, fever, often modest and rare complications. However, if it is true that German measles is a disease almost harmless or sometimes even asymptomatic (in 20-50% of cases), it becomes very risky if contracted during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy due to the high risk of transmission of the virus from mother to fetus. Continue reading


Taking care of your body means yes train to be toned, fit and possibly without wrinkles, but it also means ensuring that your body is working and tonic in all his muscles, including the pelvic floor. Why is this important type of exercise we asked, which since 2003 is concerned, active and full-time, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, dedicating his professionalism midwife to women’s health.

Because the pelvic exercise is important for a woman?

Why serves to tone the muscles of the pelvic floor. To understand the reason why it is important to “training” this is crucial to muscle function. And ‘the muscle that is located in the lower part of the basin, which surrounds the vagina, anus, vulva, and supports the uterus, the bladder and the rectum. Easy to deduce that a good skill muscle allows you to hold the pelvic organs in place, preventing their prolapse and their dysfunction (urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence). The ability to actively control the pelvic muscles also helps to increase muscle tone and volume with increased sensitivity of tissues and consequently improving the quality of life and sexual orgasm. Through the pelvic exercise you will discover how the perineum is home to deep emotions is a satellite heart, which holds a lot of responsibility in determining the quality of life of women. If the perineum does not carry out its functions in an optimal manner, the consequences can also become intolerable. The resulting distress may impair the consciousness of his own worth even permanently.

pelvic-exercise Continue reading