Becoming a mother is a big challenge in the life of a woman and do it at a very early age much. The younger you are your pregnancy require some special care, but that does not mean that you will not have a healthy baby and you can really enjoy it.

care of teenage pregnancy

First: confirm your pregnancy

If you suspect you are pregnant, you should first of all confirm the diagnosis. For this there are many home pregnancy test that you can easily perform. Note that sometimes home tests can be false negative, or if you have a negative result and you have not had your period you will want to consult your doctor for a blood test or repeat the test in 48 home and 72 hs.

Confirmed, now your prenatal appointment

It is important to confirm your diagnosis as notes an appointment with your doctor. Some young moms spend much time left before the consultation, which can be negative for both you and your baby.

During the first trimester many important tests for pregnancy are performed, and will tell you vitamins like folic acid are essential for the baby to develop normally.

If you have not talked to your family, your doctor will respect your will in any case be able to advise you on how you should communicate your pregnancy.

If you have health insurance you can go to a public health center, hospital or join a free health plan.

If you’re determined to be a mother, ahead!

It is important that you seek support for your family, who speaks first you may think more support to help you communicate the news.

Talk to the baby daddy and try to communicate your status, you will want it too forward the news to his family that also have the right to know of the existence of the baby.

Despite all that sacrifice must become under mom, if that is your wish and you are really convinced you will do great, you will learn to take care of your baby and give you everything you need.

The most important prevention

Pregnancies in women under age 20 are associated with some complications that we should try to prevent or at least be aware of their appearance for early treatment.

The most common complications during adolescence are:

Gestational hypertension and preeclampsia

Premature birth

Baby with low birth weight



Depression or anxiety

Diabetes during pregnancy

Problems associated with the consumption of snuff, drugs or alcohol during pregnancy.

Of course all the complications associated with use of substances not allowed during pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented. Always think the effect of your actions on the health of your baby and this will allow you to keep safe.

The remaining complications can be detected by your doctor early in order to make timely treatment and avoid unintended consequences on your health and that of your child.

Take care and look after it!

In addition to following the directions of your doctor, there are many things that depend on you that your pregnancy is healthy:

Eat healthily : eat fruits, vegetables, fish and meat from your diet and eliminate junk foods that are full of calories and have no nutritional components that your baby needs.

Rest : It is important to keep a normal lifestyle and rest times your body needs to make you feel good. It is normal during pregnancy feel more sleepy than usual so you must get used to your new needs rest and limit those stale.

Make physical exercise:   if you realizabas any physical activity, you will want to slacken suspend its intensity without, however if not realizabas sports, is an excellent time for you to start walking or swimming sessions.

Avoid alcohol, drugs and snuff : if you can not help, ask your doctor to help you find the necessary assistance.

Do not consume drugs or even “natural” than prescribed by your doctor. Many drugs sold without prescription can be harmful to your baby.

Do not abandon your studies : it is important not stop studying because it will be critical to your future and that of your baby.

Know the warning signs

There are some situations when they occur indicate that something is wrong and deserve to consult with your doctor so that you can examine.

Contractions before 37 weeks of gestation (5-6 in one hour could indicate premature labor)

Headaches that are not relieved by Paracetamol (could signal a rise in blood pressure)

Loss of fluid or blood from the vagina

Decrease in baby’s movements

Itching or burning when urinating, which may indicate a urinary tract infection.

Becoming a mom is not easy, not when you’re very young. If you follow the recommendations of your doctor and bring a healthy lifestyle there is no reason why you can not have a beautiful baby. He thinks that while this pregnancy was not planned, you can still plan a great future for you and your baby.

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Becoming a mother is a big challenge in the life of a woman and do it at a very early age much. The younger you are your pregnancy require some special care, but that does not mean that you will not have a healthy baby and you can really...