The statistics point to a number of problems and medical complications that occur more frequently in mothers under 20 years. Increase the odds that have:

These risks are real and growing Younger be: are more common if you are under 16 and are less often from the 17. But that does not mean you necessarily going to affect. The truth is that they have more to do with lack of care or later begin to attend antenatal appointments, and certain harmful habits ( smoking and using hazardous substances ) that your old self.

risks of pregnancy

According to Dr. Angela Diaz , professor of pediatrics and adolescent medicine at the School of Medicine Mount Sinai in New York, if it’s been over three years since you had your first period or period, you are already well developed and risks begin to have less to do your failure to thrive, and more with your behavior. “Usually young people do not take good care not eat nutritious meals, sleep well … are young!” Recalls Dr. Díaz, who also stresses that the more time has passed in this country, less healthy are Latino youth because they tend to adopt less healthy than their country of origin habits, like eating more junk food or start smoking.



What can you do to reduce your risks of pregnancy

Apart from following the advice of your doctor, there are many things that depend on you that your pregnancy is healthy, as healthily feed , rest , do moderate exercise and avoiding dangerous substances such as snuff , the alcoholic , the drug and the medications (including herbal and “natural” products) that have not been prescribed by your midwife or doctor. Your diet is very important and if for now is unbalanced, could improve a lot with some changes in your diet such as eating more fruits and vegetables and less junk food .

Furthermore, “the nutritional needs of adolescents are very different from those of adult women,” says Marcelle Pick, OB nurse certified by the City of Yarmouth, Maine, and author of a book on nutrition. “What we eat can have a big impact on your pregnancy,” he adds. (Read more about the nutritional needs of a pregnant teenager .) Also, if you smoke or consume alcohol or drugs, any effort you make to reduce the use of these substances is beneficial for the health of your baby. If you talk openly with your doctor or midwife will help you find the help you need. About the medicines, the main thing is to not use anything without the consent of your doctor, since many drugs may be dangerous for the baby . Dr. Marengo stresses that Latinos must be careful with the medicines you can buy without a prescription in other countries , and never use prescribed to a friend or family medicine.

The herbal and natural medicines should also receive the approval of your doctor. Another important for the health of your pregnancy thing is to follow studying , not to mention that it is also essential for your future. As explained by the educator Jeanne Lindsay, “many of our school programs show that if the mother participates in a group for pregnant at school, your chance of having a baby with low weight or preterm labor is reduced. I do not think importance of staying in school is bad for your health “.


What can your doctor to reduce the risk of pregnancy

Many of the medical risks for pregnancy, as an increase in blood pressure or infection , can be controlled if you go to all your prenatal appointments. During these appointments, your doctor will check your health and your baby through urinalysis and blood, your blood pressure measurements, ultrasound and other methods. If there is any problem, will be detected and treated early. You can help your doctor, keeping alert to any different symptoms in your body and soon communicating it to your doctor or midwife. Some of the warning signs that could indicate that something is wrong include:


Contractions before 37 weeks of pregnancy (5-6 in one hour could indicate preterm labor)

Headaches that are not relieved by Tylenol (could signal a rise in blood pressure)

Loss of fluid or blood from the vagina

Decreased movement of the baby (if you notice that suddenly moves less than normal)

Itching or burning during urination, which may indicate a urinary tract infection . Poorly treated, this anomaly could trigger a serious infectious process

Your mood also deserves attention. “Teenagers are prone to bouts of depression because everything can happen socially for being pregnant, either in relation to school, to family, to have or not to support …” says Dr. Marengo. If you felt anxious, sad or stressed, your doctor will determine whether you run the risk of depression and will be routed to the appropriate specialist. Becoming a mother is not easy, especially when society doubt your abilities because you’re young.

Although there are medical risks related to your age, if you receive prenatal care early, you follow your doctor’s recommendations, and carry a healthy lifestyle, there is no reason for which you can not have a healthy pregnancy and, what is best: the most beautiful baby in the world Read our community what they’re talking about other moms at the same stage as you ! And do not miss these interesting articles …

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The statistics point to a number of problems and medical complications that occur more frequently in mothers under 20 years. Increase the odds that have: These risks are real and growing Younger be: are more common if you are under 16 and are less often from the 17. But that...