In “normal” situations, it is common to think “I have nothing to wear.” With even more so during pregnancy, when the body is transformed week by week, feel attractive becomes a real headache. If you consider the comfort, you will feel at ease with yourself and at the same time attractive.

Dresses for Pregnant Women

The only rule you must follow during pregnancy is to choose comfortable clothes and shoes and those who do not feel compressed. This way you will feel comfortable in your body and naturally attractive.

From there you can combine any way you like accessories, brooches and necklaces so you do not repeat the same monotonous result garments.

You have to be practice head to toe. At first you can still use your regular clothes because weight gain is barely perceptible and your silhouette will not undergone major changes. Since your breasts will increase in volume quickly, the first garment you will buy will be a maternity under wire bra that supports the breast well and is comfortable. As weeks pass, you will choose looser blouses, baggy sweaters and, why not, maybe some pledge of future dad. Clothes “top” is not a problem, while finding clothes “bottom” is always more complicated. Usually at the end of the first quarter you will need to change size. It is a good time to use skirts and elastic waist pants. If you use mesh, select two of the usual size and carefully roll the waist part of your hips so that the paste does not compress the uterus.

Clothing? Pregnant?

There may come a time when you feel tempted to buy at any retail store. Fortunately, maternity clothes offers very current lines, so you will not see forced to turn to the classic pastel colored embroidered dresses. In addition, large clothing stores we lighthearted special collections including tights, pants or blouses adjustable. Trust your friends experience when deciding on one option or another.

Regarding the underwear, it is best to avoid cotton allergies and fungal infections, especially if you’ve ever suffered such problems, because synthetics favor proliferation of vaginal germs, especially during the pregnancy. Avoid using rubber garter belt and stockings to mid-calf, and obstructing blood flow. It is best to opt for tights, some of which are specially designed for pregnant women. If you feel tired legs or have a tendency to varicose veins, compression pantyhose used to provide you great comfort.


As gestation progresses, your center of gravity will shift and joints become more fragile. If you like to wear heels, you can always continue to do so no longer than 3 cm. Shoes should be wide. Those platforms will not become uncomfortable, but keep in mind that if the sole is too high your balance could be unstable. Ideally, choose a comfortable shoe that gives you a good balance and do not over tighten, since towards the end of pregnancy your feet tend to swell.

It is best to let the boots for next season, as the comprimirte calves can promote swelling of legs and feet (edema) and even the appearance of varicose veins. If your occupation allows, used shoes.

Tips to Look silhouette

Overlays help mark the silhouette: try using, for example, a long shirt with a short sleeveless vest, a wide, short sweater over a long, tight T-shirt or a loose, unbuttoned blouse on top of a dress. To avoid monotony, complements these clothes with elastic waistbands.

Choose colored garments that feel good in the face. You might feel great during pregnancy colors that you had never used. The current trend is to wear clothes that mark without complex curves belly. This does not mean you should submit to the designs of fashion, but you must choose your dress according to your tastes and your silhouette.

The idea is that everything is permitted, provided they do not feel uncomfortable or compressed. In winter or in wet weather, try to keep well covered, especially in the last weeks of pregnancy belly.

What bra should I choose?

It is likely that the bra is one of your first purchases, as the breasts increase in size from the beginning of pregnancy, and lack of muscle, dilate. It is therefore important to choose a good bra.

Choose a quality product, comfortable and preferably cotton. Whenever you do not bother you, opt for the rings for extra support.

The bra should cover the whole breast, must have some deep cups to separate your breasts without compressing and a wide straps. Nothing will serve you calculate the size you need, as it is very likely to increase throughout pregnancy. Try on the bra before you buy to avoid surprises.

Wait until the end of pregnancy to buy a nursing bra and calculates a bigger size you’re using, because your breasts may increase further in size.

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In 'normal' situations, it is common to think 'I have nothing to wear.' With even more so during pregnancy, when the body is transformed week by week, feel attractive becomes a real headache. If you consider the comfort, you will feel at ease with yourself and at the same...