How I could get pregnant? , you ask again and again. That does not matter. The fact is that you suspect you are pregnant, and just the thought of having to tell your parents and your boyfriend have super nervous First, take a deep breath and calm down, because nothing will despair and hope that everything is resolved as if by magic without having to do anything. Surely you have noticed that there are times in life when we have to face reality face to face and the strength to get ahead (although we often seem that there is no solution). The experts at Baby Center have helped us prepare the following tips to help you live the moment as healthy and balanced as possible. Thus, if you’re going to have a baby, you will be greeted with joy by the people around you, although at first the news of your pregnancy is a big scare.

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  1. The first thing you should do: confirm your pregnancy

What are you going to worry and get nervous not sure? If delayed like menstruation and think you have some symptoms of pregnancy , do not waste time and buy a pregnancy test at the supermarket or pharmacy to find out for sure (cost $ 10 to $ 20). You yourself can get tested at house with a sample of your urine, and the result is immediate and quite accurate. You’ll have to wait about 15 days after having unprotected sex to give you the test power. If the result is positive, there is no doubt that you are pregnant. If not, chances are you’re not; but if the days and the period fails, you may have to repeat the test or go to the doctor to make you a blood test to confirm pregnancy safer.

  1. Shares responsibility with the baby’s father

Once you have confirmed your pregnancy, it’s time to tell your boyfriend, partner, friend or whoever is the baby daddy (if you’re not sure, read our article on how to know who the baby daddy ). Ideally, I would have said already, even before be sure. Remember that the two have done together this creature, and pregnancy is the responsibility of both. While you’re pregnant without one of them would want (or neither), the reality is that the baby is already there, starting to develop in the womb. It is important that you include your partner in decisions and concerns related to pregnancy from the beginning, because by doing so you will feel stronger. Also, if you are pregnant, your boyfriend will want to know, and may also want help. Do not carry by yourself with this news, nor ask the opinion to all your friends before talking to your boyfriend. Too tips may confuse you even more.

  1. Find an adult you trust

If you think your parents will react badly to the news of your pregnancy, first Tell an adult you trust a lot (an aunt, a teacher or professor, the mother of a friend, a doctor). At a minimum, they will give their honest opinion about how you should talk to your parents. But do not ask this person to serve as a messenger and give news for you. Your parents would see this as a sign of immaturity on your part and, anyway, sooner or later have to face them.

  1. Talk to your parents

You can ask a trusted adult that you talked to be present when you go to talk to your parents. So you have someone on your side, if only to hold you and help you cope with crying, and even anger, your parents, which are common reactions in these situations. . But make sure you who give them the news speaks bluntly; it’s like having to swallow a drug off: better do it once. If you are very young, your parents will cost them much to hear the news of your pregnancy and you have to understand they need time to accept the huge change that a baby will result in your life, and all the plans they had imagined for you . It is very bad idea to bring your family and the family Baby Daddy to give the news to everyone at the same time. Everyone has to talk to his family, his way. Imagine the confusion that would be armed if they were all in one room! The meeting could end up in accusations and a huge lawsuit. Later, when everyone is calmer, if desired, the two families will meet to talk. Lastly, do not procrastinate that conversation with your parents. Talk to them as soon as possible so you can get the support you need both, and they certainly will give once they have passed the initial shock. Do not forget, however, that with the support of your family, or not, should immediately seek prenatal care . By law, your doctor can not tell your parents anything, and it is very important that you get medical advice, because a pregnancy before age 20 brings some additional risks , both for you and for your baby. Furthermore, as you suspect you are pregnant, you should start taking folic acid to prevent certain birth defects. If you do not know where to find a doctor, read our article resources to mothers under 20 years .

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How I could get pregnant? , you ask again and again. That does not matter. The fact is that you suspect you are pregnant, and just the thought of having to tell your parents and your boyfriend have super nervous First, take a deep breath and calm down, because...