The development of pregnancy week by week reached the 26th week of pregnancy, a crucial to the health of the pregnant woman period, as it is now counting when the blood sugar as possible to determine gestational diabetes. Hormonal changes can affect the mood of women and even interfere with your libido.

26 weeks pregnant

It is possible that hormonal changes that affect your mood and your mood and laughter and tears easily password. These mood disorders that occur during pregnancy are normal and are due to hormonal changes. To feel more calm and relaxed in her pregnancy and relaxation breathing exercises, listening to music in a comfortable position, a good time with your partner and spend time with their favorite hobbies.

Changes in the body of pregnant woman

The 26th week of pregnancy, you will see a greater compression of the uterus on the bladder and whenever they need to go to the bathroom all less time. The amount of urine each abundance is not empty because the bag is compressed by the uterus has less capacity. Therefore, it is also common to wake one or more times at night to go to the bathroom.

If they bother you or bites you urinate, go to the doctor for a urine test is done, and it could be a urinary tract infection is hidden pregnancy symptoms are very similar.

The development and growth of the baby during pregnancy

At week 26 of pregnancy, and the baby reaches about 800-900 grams, and is about 33 to 35 inches. The baby is able to perform voluntary movements and regulate body temperature thanks to the maturation of the central nervous system.

It has the five senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch) developed. Inside the uterus may have to listen to the voice of his mother, to taste the taste of amniotic fluid whose taste changes with maternal food, with the vision that you can start to see the light and touch. All your baby in the womb can do is smell, because it is impossible in a liquid medium.

In the eyes, the eyelids begin to open and grow eyelashes. In the ear, the eardrum and the eardrum is formed. Advances the degree of ossification of the bones of the skull and limb. Thick hair begins to grow and most of lanugo falls.

Your baby is sleeping and waking cycles, allowing you to spend most of the time sleeping. In the morning, we see more and more vigorous movements movement. All babies use more peace periods of the mother during the day to move freely through the stomach.

Health and emotions during pregnancy

In the 26th week of pregnancy and the results of the first glucose load. This is when patients who received out altering the second overload. You have changed the first glucose load, it is necessary to repeat the test at week 26 of pregnancy. The second test is to take 100 grams of glucose and medicciones are made on time, 2 hours and 3 hours. If

the second test of blood glucose is positive (as amended) must pass to keep tight control of diabetes and pregnancy.

Note that pregnancy is a period of adjustment to a new situation and can also affect your relationship. The dialogue, respect and affection Rome, strengthen relationships, share fears and concerns and take the place of another. Sex, when medical contra-indication can be maintained until the end of pregnancy is beneficial to maintain marital harmony, releasing fears, and moreover, to give elasticity and flexibility of the muscles of the perineum to provide face.

Food and nutrition for pregnant women

Nor is a myth that pregnancy, you have to eat for two. The truth is that we should eat better, do not double the calorie intake. About to start the third trimester of pregnancy, increased needs proteins and minerals during pregnancy, but should be covered with a balanced diet that meets the nutritional quality more than quantity.

As for the kilos that women should gain weight during pregnancy, an average of 200 to 300 calories per day, at the end of it, the weight 9-15 pounds increased. These cifrascorresponden a statistical average rather than an ideal weight same for all women. It is important that your doctor about these general assessments suits your height and weight before pregnancy to determine your ideal weight should be taken during pregnancy.

Fatten fat as bad as some. If your diet is poor, you may give birth to a baby of low birth weight for gestational age (SGA). However, when excess fat, obesity and diabetes can cause health problems for the mother and baby.


Curiosities week 26 of pregnancy

As the volume of the stomach is growing and in the 26th week of gestation the pregnancy is already evident, the woman may be affected your libido. However, sexual unite and promote self-esteem. As regards health, sexual penetration does not interfere with the course of pregnancy, since there is no doctor. The membranes and the mucus plug have a protective function towards the baby.

In the second half of pregnancy, the growing uterus can interfere with sexual intercourse and must find the most comfortable position and towards the end of pregnancy, especially in the last weeks before delivery, it should be noted that semen contains a substance that could be delivered early.

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The development of pregnancy week by week reached the 26th week of pregnancy, a crucial to the health of the pregnant woman period, as it is now counting when the blood sugar as possible to determine gestational diabetes. Hormonal changes can affect the mood of women and even interfere...